The Hardy Tree - Stagdale 1

Stagdale 1

The Hardy Tree

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The Hardy Tree - Stagdale 1

This is the first installment of an original graphic story about two children - both outsiders, from two very different cultures and times, whose lives become entwined by a dark mystery.

It’s the summer of 1975, and despite the addition of a new housing estate the ancient village of Stagdale remains an insular place suspicious of change. Nestled into the chalk-scared valley lies Stagdale Manor, home to
Lord Ethelbert, a self-proclaimed descendant of a Saxon King. Once grand, the estate is slowly slipping into a state of dilapidation.

Hoping to find a new life for themselves, 12-year-old Kathy and her recently divorced mother rent an old damp cottage from Lord Ethelbert on the outskirts of the village. It’s not long before Kathy befriends local boy Joe
who enjoys telling her stories about village life, both past and present. He takes her to the museum and shows her the empty glass case where the Stag Jewel, a Saxon gold amulet in the shape of a deer’s head, used to be
displayed. The jewel was thought to have once brought Stagdale prosperity and luck, but according to local legend it was stolen by a German boy who lived in Kathy’s house during World War Two.

Frances Castle is a London based illustrator. In 2011 she set up the boutique record label Clay Pipe Music, in order to create beautifully designed and illustrated limited edition vinyl LPs. The first part of Stagdale will be
published through Clay Pipe with a download EP of Moog based electronica by The Hardy Tree (Frances’ musical project) which soundtracks the