Cate Brooks - Winterfest (Mini CD)

Winterfest (Mini CD)

Cate Brooks

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Cate Brooks - Winterfest (Mini CD)

'Outside Broadcast vehicles gather in the
cold twilight, whilst lights glow and sparkle
in the hotel lobby; such is the pure magic
of the season.'

I love winter and all the emotions the season stirs within us. This collection of work is a paean to my winters of the past, present and future; the situations I’ve found myself in and the promise of those that could happen.

It all started with the unearthing of a field recording I made over twenty years ago, of snow falling. It was freezing out there and I had a microphone pointing skyward to the falling flakes, in the middle of a field. It was fascinating listening back to the textures, with a bubbling stream attempting to fight being frozen, along with distant trains passing. With the passage of time, these textures take on a very emotive hue. They are now woven directly into the fabric of the work.

I’m hoping that Winterfest will accompany your winter activities, all the way from December to the end of February.

Cate Brooks Nov 2022


CD Album (MINI_PIPE_03)
  1. First Night
  2. The Ice Palace
  3. Outside Broadcasts
  4. Julmust
  5. Capture the Snowfall Forever